System_D On Tour

Citylab Pianofabriek

  • film
  • 26 April
  • 14:00 -
  • Sint-Pieters-Woluwe
  • GC Kontakt
System_d on tour is a spin-off of the Film Festi- val System_D, organised every two years under the direction of Citylab Pianofabriek. The lm festival selects Brussels films based on three criteria: The makers are young at heart, they did not enjoy lm school and the lm or video clip was made in Brussels or by people from Brussels. Based on these criteria, System_D has been harvesting a new visual language for three editions that portrays the raw, uncensored poetry of the metropolis from the perspective of people who barely get the oor in the mainstream channels of the public debate. Through collaboration with the programmers, a tailor-made lm selection is compiled based on current themes and the extensive video archive of System_D.

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