What happens if you put art in many hands? What happens when citizens, artists and associations team up in the cockpit of an arts festival? Will it be a dream that slowly takes form and makes a city longing for? Are we bridging the gap between artists, cultural professionals and citizens? Do we open new cultural registers? Does a new canon arise? Will we succeed or do we fail?
We were curious, so we just did it.


ENTER is a multidisciplinary arts festival that focuses on participatory art practices and divers Brussels talent. The fourth edition of the ENTER festival takes place in the Brussels region from 26 to 29 April 2018. During four days the festival extends into four very different Brussels districts (Haren, Laeken, St. Peter's Woluwe and the Begijnhof neighbourhood) and creates a public art house. An artist shows the end result of a long participatory residence in the area and in each zone we present fresh artistic work, selected by residents and partners active in that area.