Karlien Torfs

  • performatif installation
  • 28 April
  • 14:00 - 18:00
  • Haren
  • winkel Verdunstraat 394
In Haren, the meeting place is often the pharmacy, a place that is elsewhere more associated with discretion and quick handling. Haren is also a municipality where some things are still missing. That is why Karlien, together with the residents of Haren, created a shop, one that sells chicory-based cosmetics that cure all life problems.


Karlien Torfs graduated in 2015 from the RITCS as a theater maker. Before that, she followed the Dramatherapy course in Nijmegen. As a theater maker she likes to work outside the theater, for instance in a café, a shop, an empty factory. She participated, among other things, in the Zinnekeparade, l'apPart of Forsiti'A. Karlien is part of K.A.K.- Koekelbergse Alliance of Crafters. She looks for ways to create a space or a situation in which people meet each other in an unusual way and live an experience together.