De gazet van Haren

Axel Claes

  • paper
  • 26 April
  • 10:00 - 20:00
  • Haren
  • GC De Linde
The Haren Gazet is a newspaper with drawings, short comics, illustrations and drawn reports by Axel Claes. The stories, statements and concerns of residents about their changing environment form the basis for this publication. All are recorded by Axel over a period of six months. Haren is a Brussels borough and is confronted daily with the proximity of the airport of Zaventem and Nato, a large tram depot, and the construction of a mega-prison, ... Under the impulse of the Brussels region, the population is visibly growing. The last pieces of green and the rural character are disappearing. The construction of the mega-prison is a government decision. How does this affect the life and work of this Brussels municipality? Does the safety feeling become larger or smaller? Why prisons? And why so big? Can ex-detainees again take up a role in society? Which interactions are needed for that?

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