Ultima Vez & Seppe Baeyens

  • podium performance
  • 29 April
  • 14:00 - 15:00
  • Haren
  • GC De Linde
Since 2011, dancer and choreographer Seppe Baeyens has been closely linked with dance company Ultima Vez. In 2015, under the wings of the company of Wim Vandekeybus, he created his first large-scale dance performance Tornar with an intergenerational cast of non-professional and professional dancers. Seppe Baeyens’ new performance in 2018 comes after intensive research into theatre space and co-authorship in contemporary dance.


Seppe Baeyens started out as a young dancer with fABULEUS and later turned up as a performer with the Kopergietery, Kabinet k, Productiehuis Brabant, Ontroerend Goed, Miet Warlop and others. Since the start of his career as a performing artist, Baeyens considers intergenerational work essential to show dance in it’s most human and vulnerable form. The imperfection of dance and the way different generations relate to it are inseparably linked to his artistic creations.

Directing & choreography Seppe Baeyens With Emile Van Puymbroeck, Luke De Bolle, Chisom Onyebueke Chinaedu, Leonie Van Begin, Rosa Boateng, Oihana Azpillaga, Ischa Beernaert, Esther Motvanya, Roel Faes, Trui De Mulder, Adnane Lamarti, Seppe Baeyens, Frank Brichau, Stefaan Verlinden, Elisabeth Wolfs, Leon Gyselynck Live music Stef Heeren, Kwinten Mordijck, Karen Willems Dramaturgy Kristin Rogghe Scenography & light Ief Spincemaille Costumes Lieve Meeussen Moving coach German Jauregui Artistic advice Wim Vandekeybus Technical coordination Tom De With Production Seppe Baeyens, Ultima Vez Coproduction KVS Image Sofie De Backere