De Markten, Artistes et Amis du Club Antonin Artaud, KAOS and Yellow Art.

  • expo
  • 26 April
  • 12:00 - 18:00
  • Begijn
  • GC De Markten
Artists Richard Venlet and Ekaterina Kaplunova create temporary spaces that are both meeting place and exhibition space within the architecture of De Markten. These organic, monumental forms are also walls on which works are hung or occasions in which intimate links are created with these works. Curator Pierre Muylle selects an eclectic collection of works from the network of the initiators. Rather than a classical representation of the organizations - all working at the intersection between art and psychiatry - 'Agora' shows the works themselves and uses them as a medium for meetings. In the agora, on the markets, you get in contact with the works and with each other in various ways. The markets are places where communities come together, are formed or dissolved. This exhibition incorporates these functions. In the first place, the exhibition will continue to exhibit and will simultaneously serve as a platform for various events and festivals. Agora thus becomes a place for large and small encounters.

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