Salut Sonart

Nele Vereecken

  • performance
  • 26 April
  • 19:00 -
  • Sint-Pieters-Woluwe
  • Sonart
The Sonartstudio’s, built in 1937, will soon disappear forever. These world-renowned studio’s had a prominent role in the history of the public broadcasting service from the early 60’s until the 1974, when the current VRT moved her activities to the Reyerslaan. When the modern productions had outgrown the facilities of Flagey, the world class studio’s of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre were restored to their proper use. Legendary Jazz Concerts, endless spectacular shows and theatre footage was recorded in these rooms. In 1994 the Sonart building offered space and leeway to the student of the RITS audiovisual department (Now called RITCS). Today the original studio’s still exist, but they won’t last much longer. In a couple of years the entire structure will be rebuilt to serve as a boarding school for carnies and bargees`children. Before the largest and most beautiful studio of Sonart is transformed into a dormitory, we honour it’s rich past by revisiting and reliving history one last time. A worthy send off for a majestic building. Flowers nor whorls! Refreshments offer comfort. Everyone is invited.


Dutch spoken
The bar at Sonart will be open after the performance

Sonart Studio's
Sint-Huibrechtsstraat 12-14
Rue Saint-Hubert 12-14
1150 Sint-Pieters-Woluwe

Accessible for wheelchairs without accessible toilet
The space is not warmed up, so we advice to put warm clothes.
The spectacle lasts 1 hour and we give a survival kit at the entrance!

Metro 1 Montgomery
Tram 7, 25, 39, 44, 81 Montgomery
Bus 22, 27, 28, 61, 80, 178 Montgomery

Mise en scène: Nele Vereecken
Acting: Evelien Van de Maele
Music: Frederik De Clercq
Lights: Godfried Verschaffel

Production: Commune de Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

With the collaboration - on and off-scene - of:
Chris April, Wim Bergers, Lieven Bertels, Jan Bulckaen, Ilse Cox, Steven De Beul, Arnaud De Muynck, Inge Geens, Wouter Hessels, Toon Loenders, Tia Merecy, Freddy Meeus, Danielle Michaux, Marc Peire, Vincent Rouffaer, Jeanine Schevernels, Paula Semer, Paul Stabel, Ben Tesseur, Bernadette Timmermans, Bruno Tuyteleir, Suz Van Boeckel, Laura Vandewynckel, Hugo Van de Steen, Roland Vroman, Staf Van Tittelboom, Marnik Willems.

Architectenbureau atelier MA+P, Omroepmuseum, Productiebureau S.O.I.L., Scouts Mooibos-Lievens, Tehuis Etterbeek, Brede School Sint-Pieters-Woluwe.

With the support of Demos (ENTER Festival), Erfgoed Brussel, Gemeenschapscentrum Kontakt, RITCS, VRT, W-o-l-k-e.