Wie is er bang voor Fatima Sultan?

Doek & Wilde Vlechten

  • performance parcours performatif installation
  • 28 April
  • 15:00 - 17:30
  • Laken
  • l'échappée
An embroidered meeting game. A circle of women sit around a table; some are born in Afghanistan, others are born here. You are one of them. An opportunity to meet each other in an intimate environ- ment and to ask uncensored questions.

Only women 16+ - free babysitting service
in Dutch

Location: L'Echappée rue Drootbeek 30
Also in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

With Seema Afreen, Zarmina Assad, Jamilla Ahmadzai, Sara Dykmans, Natalie Gielen, Kamela Gulan Destager, Samina Hamdard, Ramsia Hasan, Suzzan Hotak, Rita Nazari, Masouda Mohammad Anwar, Nadia Mohmand, Saleha Mohmand, Spazhmey Ubaid, Amber Taeymans, Lies Van Assche, e.a Image Sofie Jaspers