Festivalcentrum Kontakt 28/04 + Picknick Our House Project

infopunt / Café / picknick

  • food café festivalcentrum
  • 28 April
  • 10:00 - 00:00
  • Sint-Pieters-Woluwe
  • GC Kontakt
GC Kontakt is voor de gelegenheid omgetoverd tot festivalcentrum en infopunt. Je kan iedere dag van het ENTER festival terecht voor een hapje en drankje, een leuke babbel, een interessante ONTDEKKINGSTOCHT. Volg de vogels naar binnen, haal je plannetje op en ga op tocht, kom je eigen plaatje opleggen in de bar en maak zo het feest compleet!

Om 12u kan je genieten van een heerlijke lunch, klaargemaakt door Our House Project
om 14u start SAMBA DJANGO, kom de benen uit je lijf dansen!

Our House Project stimulates integration. Refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants are here now with talents, skills and open minds; ready to make friends, learn languages and introduce the best of their culture to us. Let's meet them halfway with Our House Project and share the exciting adventure of integration together. Our House Project is working on a multi level platform to help our new friends start their lives here. These include job creation and training in the hospitality industries, hair beauty and barber vocations, translation and administration as well as offering integration support with language, accommodation and community involvement.

Wings & Borders

Working with the theme of ENTER, Kontakt cultural centre showcases a participatory installation of origami birds through its spaces. The installation looks to capture the fluidity and performative nature of the migration patterns of birds without the recognition of borders, bringing into light a different image to human migration. The designers Desi Petkova and Rosie Romero are from OURB, a collective that works to activates the community of Brussels region, through participatory design workshops that inspire citizens to re-think their surrounding urban spaces.